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Zero Resistance Smooth-Skin Wetsuit [Tailor-make]

Zero Resistance Smooth-Skin Wetsuit [Tailor-make]

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SCS Shiny Smooth-skin exterior

Super-stretch lycra interior


The Zero Resistance freediving wetsuit is our most advanced 2-piece suit specially designed for the professional competitive freediver. The 0.5mm thin composite material has a smooth skin surface, negligible buoyancy, and minimal stretch resistance. This material not only reduces the weight required for a deep dive but also enables the feeling of water movement through the suit, therefore maximizing your performance. The sophisticated design and extra thin material involved in handmaking this suit require extraordinary skilled craftsmanship. Every suit is made to order, and highly customizable, making each suit uniquely yours!

  • Click here for stock size and custom tailoring charts
  • Available in 0.5mm Yamamoto BRS super-thin rubber , or 1 mm Yamamoto 39 neoprene
  • Hydrodynamic SCS metallic smooth-skin exterior coating minimizes water resistance
  • Super-stretch lycra interior provides convenience in dry donning and extra durability
  • Competition-specific, high-performance design to ensure maximum flexibility, range of motion, and a good fit
  • High-performance and more durable than the usual thicker smooth-skin neoprene
  • Two-piece design – hooded top with high-waisted pants
  • Reinforced velcro beaver tail closure


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