Bestdive Ambassadors

Jessea Lu

Known for her extremely long breath-hold, Jessea holds the static breath-hold (STA) national record at 8:01 for China, and ranks first in the world under AIDA rules: female athlete overall score consecutively over 4 years (2019-2022). She also holds the current Chinese national records in three of the four depth disciplines (CWT 89m, FIM 88m and CNF 62m), totaling 1 world record and 37 national records since her competitive freediving career. Aside from being a talented freediver, Jessea is also a scientist, with a Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics. She works full time in the research and development sector of the pharmaceutical industry. 

"I freedive to spend time with friends and animals in the water. Freediving also gives me an opportunity to gain awareness of inner emotions which, I believe, sets the tone for the day-to-day experience of life. BESTDIVE wetsuit is my second skin that allows me to explore further with comfort and protection" -- Jessea Lu


Alenka Artnik

In love with the sea, Alenka remembers her first moments with this element. Born and raised in a small coastal town, Koper in Slovenia. At age 30 she felt drowning with the heaviness of life, wishing for the pain to stop. It is when she met freediving and her life forever changed. Her passion for the underwater, the silence and peace she experienced cured her soul but most importantly, gave her a tool to express herself. At age 40 she is the deepest woman holding the female CWT world record at 122m, which is also the 5th deepest record of all humans! Alenka’s aim is to find the right balance within herself; the mind, the body and the emotions. Listening to her “internal compass”, rather then acting out of ego and expectations. Her connection with the sea and nature is profound, it is where she feels the most “at home” and safe. It’s her sanctuary. She might continue breaking world records and pushing the human limits but her life path will always consist of sharing the knowledge and experiences with others and promoting freediving as a therapy and a beautiful example of a sustainable way of interacting with the ocean. 

"I've been using BESTDIVE wetsuits since two years now and just simply love them. The material they use is soft and very flexible, giving me the right comfort I need for big dives. It keeps me warm and cozy." -- Alenka Artnik


Florian Burghardt 

Florian has been fascinated in freediving since he was a little boy. His freediving adventure started with a weeklong liveaboard trip on the Red Sea. The discovery of freediving triggered something in him and unfolded new ways of understanding life. In 2019 Florian decided to invest more time in freediving by quitting his job and traveling to live in the Philippines for training. What was thought to be a one-season experience ended up with him participating in a freediving competition at the highest level: the World Championship. It was a life changing experience for him. Today, Florian is a committed professional athlete and devotes his life to this passion shared with his fiancée Alenka.

"Wearing my BESTDIVE suit makes me feel good and relaxed in the water which are keys to success in freediving. Thanks to its smooth, flexible and durable material." -- Florian Burghardt


Jennifer Wendland

Jennifer is a world champion freediver from Germany. She set a world record in woman's CWBF discipline at 93m. She said that she enjoys the peace and freedom underwater and the constant learning journey of deep diving in the sea. She also loves challenging herself during training, on the bike, in the gym or in the pool. Jennifer works in sales business full-time in the winter and part-time in the summer so that she can participate in training camps and competitions abroad.

"I am happy to be a BESTDIVE ambassador and to dive in their perfectly made and super comfortable suits." -- Jennifer Wendland


Stéphane Tourreau

Stéphane is a French freediving champion from Thonon-les-Bains and a member of the French national team. He discovered freediving at the age of 10, in Corsica with his family, at a time when there was no structured course or training program in his region. According to Stéphane, freediving is the school of our inner depths to understand who we are in the present moment. He said that when he was a child, he had a lot of difficulty in maintaining concentration. He felt that not living in the present moment was like a handicap. Overcoming many difficulties, his passion for diving persisted and he took the title of world vice-champion in 2016. Stéphane specializes in the constant weight with monofin discipline (CWT) and has been diving and sharing his passion with others for over 20 years. 

"We are made of water and water is our greatest teacher. BESTDIVE is a great organization with rigor and professionalism. It’s rare and extremely reassuring to share this adventure with a company like this!" -- Stéphane Tourreau



Lance Lee Davis

Lance is a USA national record holder in the constant no-fin discipline (CNF). He is also an exceptionally talented spearfisher and chef with seafood. He said that his earliest memory is the taste of saltwater. Prior to becoming a freediving athlete, Lance swam competitively for 11 years.  As an adult, He learned to spearfish in the Pacific waters of Southern California.  For the last five years, he has made a living purely as a freediver--teaching, spearing guide, competitor, and water stunt performer for film and TV.  

"Here in Southern California, our most critical piece of gear is the wetsuit. After years of professional freediving and dozens of different wetsuits, I've found BESTDIVE to be the best fitting, warmest, and most well made." -- Lance Lee Davis


Stefan Randig


Stefan is a professional athlete and freediving instructor from Germany. He started freediving in Dahab, Egypt in 2006, went on to start a freediving school in the Philippines and later organized the Asia Freediving Cup competition for several editions. Stefan has obtained a total of 17 national records set in all depth disciplines, and he is the first German freediver to pass the 100m mark.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of BESTDIVE wetsuits for 7+ years” -- 

Stefan Randig


Fatima Korok


Fatima is the first Hungarian world champion in freediving. Since the age of 16 Fatima was working in the tourism industry in Budapest, first as a sales person and then as a cultural project manager and tour guide. In 2016 she decided to change her life and travel, ever since she lost 40kgs, worked in Spain with kids in hotels and she was traveling in Central America to be a scuba professional. In Honduras she decided to sign up for a freediving beginner course at Freedive Utila and she fell in love with deep diving. Fatima decided to dedicate herself to breath hold diving and moved to Dahab in October 2018. Now, she is a gold medalist in AIDA World Championship and the Vertical Blue Competition. Fatima is also a freediving instructor. In the future, she wants to continue to compete in depth and make freediving more popular especially for younger generations.