Smooth Skin and Open-Cell wetsuit considerations

SCS or OPENCELL wetsuit considerations

Proper use and maintenance of the SCS or OPENCELL wetsuits is essential to prolong the service life and ensure the performance of the wetsuits.

 Avoid friction and scratches

SCS and OPENCELL materials are very soft with weak wear resistance. Please avoid direct contact and collision between clothes and hard objects, avoid nail injury to SCS or OPENCELL, and avoid friction between clothes and rocks, corals, shipwrecks, sand and stones. When training at ordinary times, wearing an rashguard over the wetsuit can have very good protective effect ultra smooth wetsuit surface.

 Avoid strong sunlight or corrosive liquids

SCS and OPENCELL are excellent foaming rubber materials. Please avoid prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and contact with corrosive chemical liquids, which can lead to deterioration of diving materials, brittle or cracking, loss of elasticity, and thereby affect the life of diving suits.

 Correct use

Please avoid overstretching while wearing. Overstretching can cause wetsuits to tear or printing to come off. It's easier to wear it when you're wearing it by applying shower gel to the inside of your wetsuit and on your body surface. After each use of wetsuits, please immediately rinse with fresh water, and dry in the shade, avoid direct exposure to the sun.

 Reasonable defects

When buying new wetsuits, it is normal to see some slight oil stains on the surface of the colorful ultra smooth SCS, or some slight chromatic aberration and slight uneven surface color, which is determined by the SCS production process.

 Proper care

Please use a special hanger for wetsuit or a rack without edges and corners to hang and keep the textile fabric facing outwards as far as possible. If stacked, please avoid crushing. Long-term compression of wetsuit can affect material flexibility, elasticity and warmth.

 Service life

The diving material is a kind of rubber material, whose performance degrades with the passage of time and the increase of use. The metal coating on the surface of SCS will fall off due to various kinds of friction, which is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that you change it in time according to the situation to ensure maximum safety and comfort when diving.